Band Workshops For Musicians

Band Workshop July 6th 2014  (9)

  • Discover the fun to be had playing music with other people
  • Learn to play loads of songs in a variety of styles
  • Develop your musicianship
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Tighten your groove
  • Train your ears
  • Cultivate team work
  • Based at Ebony & Ivory Music School in Colindale, North  West London

Play Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB, Blues, Reggae, Oldies, Current Chart Toppers and more…

Experience the fun and funk of playing with other people in our music workshops. We’ll teach you to play in a band and develop your ability to learn songs, perform them and cooperate with your fellow musicians to create a fantastic noise.

Run by two dedicated and experienced music teachers, In The Pocket band workshops are fun, exciting and give you the opportunity to gain experience in the most important aspect of playing music – getting out there and doing it!

We have thousands of hours of rehearsing, gigging, composing, producing, recording and teaching music under our belts and love to share our enjoyment and excitement for playing with other people. Nothing is more important than making use of the skills we learn to keep us motivated, to consolidate what we’ve learned and to truly understand and appreciate what our hours of hard work are for.